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Russell Brand — yes, that Russell Brand — on Margaret Thatcher. It’s absolutely worth the read. (via politicalprof)

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The blunt, pathetic reality today is that a little old lady has died, who in the winter of her life had to water roses alone under police supervision. If you behave like there’s no such thing as society, in the end there isn’t. Her death must be sad for the handful of people she was nice to and the rich people who got richer under her stewardship. It isn’t sad for anyone else. There are pangs of nostalgia, yes, because for me she’s all tied up with Hi-De-Hi and Speak and Spell and Blockbusters and “follow the bear”. What is more troubling is my inability to ascertain where my own selfishness ends and her neo-liberal inculcation begins. All of us that grew up under Thatcher were taught that it is good to be selfish, that other people’s pain is not your problem, that pain is in fact a weakness and suffering is deserved and shameful. Perhaps there is resentment because the clemency and respect that are being mawkishly displayed now by some and haughtily demanded of the rest of us at the impending, solemn ceremonial funeral, are values that her government and policies sought to annihilate.


don’t forget to read the great interview came along these photos. you can find the whole article here [x]

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don’t forget to read the great interview came along these photos. you can find the whole article here [x]


BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH has an admission – playing genius detective Sherlock Holmes makes his brain hurt.

In fact, the actor says delivering the sleuth’s dazzling, lightning-fast speeches of deduction was more exhausting than any other role he has taken on.

Benedict confessed: “Every deduction is hard. It’s always a painful process. There are all the details. It’s like a stream of consciousness of incredibly condensed information.

“He just goes at 100 miles an hour and it’s a huge speed to rush it out.

“It’s just hard, it’s hard graft — there’s no other word for it.”

Benedict goes over and over the Sherlock script before filming to try to get the detective’s warp-speed delivery right.

He smiles: “I practise at home, there is a lot of midnight oil burned.”

It all leaves him jealous of co-star Martin Freeman, whose character, Holmes’ sidekick Watson, has far more laidback speech pattern AND who can remember a script after reading it once.

He said: “I’m not saying Martin has an easy job because what he does is with scalpel precision and he works incredibly hard.

“But he has a photographic memory, he looks at the lines in the morning and it’s learned, that’s it.

“I can’t. And if I fall behind or if I’m having difficulty getting something in, it’s really hard. Hats off to him for putting up with me.”

But the guys’ efforts have paid off — the much-loved BBC1 drama returned to screens on Sunday and triumphed in the ratings with an astonishing 9.6million viewers. That’s two million up on the original 2010 Sherlock series.

The breakneck dialogue by writer Stephen Moffat was just one of the hurdles Benedict, Office star Martin and the rest of the cast had to cope with.

Filming on the three-part series in London in August had to be suspended for a whole day after rioters attacked the set on location.

Benedict revealed: “They picked up a bit of rigging and were hitting the side of the bowser, this fire engine-like machine.

“They thought it was some part of the establishment — but it’s actually just an old pump engine that spews out water to wet down streets or give a rain effect. I think it spooked people, and we had to cancel a day’s filming until it all settled.

“I went home and watched London burn, which made me very angry.

“God knows I’ve been blessed, having come from a privileged background — but for people to pull themselves out of those situations, work so hard and then have their neighbourhoods and livelihoods completely trampled on really upset me.”

Filming scenes set in winter during the summer also proved tough for the Londoner, who also stars in the Steven Spielberg movie War Horse, which reaches UK cinemas next week.

Benedict, 35, recalled: “It’s harder than films because in a way you are constrained by time and budget.

“You are playing winter when its summer so heat was a huge problem, all the time it was like ‘F***ing hell’, pulling coats off, running outside to get some fresh air, air conditioning units blowing in our eyeballs because it was absurdly hot.

“It’s meant to be Christmas, Martin’s got that beautiful woolly jumper on and I’m swishing around in a coat and scarf and its 38 degrees Celcius!” Then there was the whipping he underwent in Sunday’s episode at the hands of a lesbian dominatrix played by Lara Pulver.

Benedict told TV Biz: “Lara went for it, it was really painful, I actually had welts on my arm.

“I don’t know how people get pleasure out of that kind of thing, I genuinely don’t. I know I was on a set but I did wonder, ‘What is it that puts people in that mindset?’”

Ironically, Benedict had come from the set of the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, where he played Peter Guillam in the thriller full of sexual secrets.

He said: “The secret sex lives, including my character’s being a homosexual but playing someone incredibly straight in the workplace — there is that element in that world.

“I sort of understand the psychology but, thankfully, I also don’t have that appetite or that need. I’ve had my moment with it!”

Benedict — who stripped naked in a stage production of Frankenstein last year — was also impressed by Lara’s nerve in a scene when she had to go completely starkers.

He said: “It wasn’t the first scene we did, thank God, but she just went for it. It takes someone to have real chutzpah to go ahead and do that as an actress. I applaud that.

“It’s a very brave thing to do. I don’t know a single actress that is completely happy with their body, I don’t know many women who are, or men that are. Maybe Peter Andre!”

Next Sunday’s episode of the double Bafta-winning series is written by its co-creator Mark Gattis, of The League Of Gentlemen fame.

It retells with a modern twist one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous Sherlock stories — the one featuring the Hound Of The Baskervilles.

The final part of the trilogy is based on The Final Problem — and Benedict is tight-lipped on whether the detective will survive. Conan Doyle killed off the sleuth in the original tale but brought him back to life in a later story.

So whether the series will — or can — return for a third series is another unsolved mystery.

Benedict said of the hit: “It’s been fantastic, the variety of work and the people that I have got to meet.

“I’m sure it will keep going — you saw the affection it holds, that was insane. It will be buoyed up by that.

“But where we will take it next, whether we can after what happens at the end of the next series, who knows?”

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Great article on season 2, some minor spoilers about Scandal, so read at your own risks. But really, having seen the episode, I can tell it’s close to nothing :D

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Probably the best picture of Benedict from the article he wrote.

Seriously…Dorky + Sexy = Benedict Cumberbatch

Read the article here.

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Probably the best picture of Benedict from the article he wrote.
Seriously…Dorky + Sexy = Benedict Cumberbatch
Read the article here.


So it turns out that those well-known socialists, radicals and financial unsophisticates at the International Monetary Fund have found that those nations with higher levels of income inequality have lower levels of economic growth than do those that have lower levels of income inequality.

Please read the linked article for yourself.

Two quick thoughts:

—It turns out that concentrating the wealth in a given society among a small spectrum of people  does not promote economic creativity, job growth, and associated activities, despite conservative claims that such people are “job creators.”

—It turns out that the biggest advocates of restraining wealth concentration at the top should be CAPITALISTS! The only chance CAPITALISTS have to succeed is if they have access to capital, which they don’t get in wealth-concentrated societies …

So I look forward to seeing signs that say “Capitalists for the Revolution” soon!

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