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I Knew It Was You - Trailer - 2009

Happy birthday to John Cazale (August 12, 1936 – March 12, 1978) He only made five films before passing away at the age of 42, but he made an indelible impression in each of them.

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From the BBC documentary, Shakespeare Uncovered, that aired tonight after Henry IV, Part 1. I hope someone uploads it soon because there were a lot of delicious behind-the-scenes shots* with Mr. Hiddleston, as well as an interview. Also, it was very intriguing to see how the new incarnations of these three Shakespeare plays contrast with other films and stage adaptions.

*Including a shot of him jumping up and down and stretching.

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Martin Freeman Goes To Motown

My favorite Martin look of all: the five o’clock shadow, the haircut, the little salt and pepper action.

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In many of the threads on this forum and others I’ve seen references to these three films: The Corporation, Inside Job, and Why We Fight. These are three great documentary films and they can all  be watched for free on

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The Corporation:

Inside Job:

Why We Fight:



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Sometimes the mistakes are more beautiful.

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I think I may be in love with his hair. As a separate entity. 

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